Sky Watch Friday

This was taken last Saturday. We went to Detroit airport to picked up my hubby's Aunt from Florida. The sky is   dull and gloomy and the air is chilly. I feel like sleepy the whole trip nothing does excite me with this kind of weather ^_^ Good thing I brought my book with me ^_^

                        But look at the last hour of the day the sun tried to pick through the dark cloud.
                                           Linking this post to SKY WATCH FRIDAY
                                                           Weekend Reflection


EG Wow said…
Airports are fabulous places for capturing sky shots!
Photo Cache said…
how far is the airport to your place? love your captures.

My sky is here
Ebie said…
The reflections on the glass building is beautiful too! Love your header. Are you close to Holland, Michigan. They have a tulips farm!
George said…
Most of the day may have been gloomy,but you got some neat reflections in the terminal buildings.
Rajesh said…
Amazingly beautiful shots.
Clytie said…
Beautiful reflections - but that sunset stole the show!!!
jeannette said…
Wow, don't know which one I like better - beautiful!
'Tsuki said…
Your sunset picture is so amazing ! I love the colors on it : it looks quite like an old oil painting... Nice reflections, too.
Lesley said…
I rather enjoy these many variations of grey.
Kin, dearest

I came here and unfortunately was down...and at SKYFRIDAY the links are strange..did you see it?

very nice shots nice weekend, KIm

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