Wake up with a very bad news

Woke yo this morning at around 8:00am I didn't get up immediately then hubby came and told me that there is a huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan. And he further told me that there is an alert of Tsunami and that includes Philippines that news made me jump right away and went to checked online. I texted immediately my family and to know what's going on. My brother told me they are okey but he told to everybody to be vigilant they might have an after effect of the earthquake. Though our city where my family lived near to a sea water but we are not in an open area, a huge mountain is in front of us which Panguil Bay is the one that separates us from that region. Anyway, because of that we are not prone to Tsunami, or Typhoon, but with earthquake if you are in the fault line there is nothing that could protect you. But my brother told me that he already brief my nieces and nephew which makes me feel good.
I grew up with having a lot of experienced like earthquake and it's a bummer. You don't know what to do, if you run or stay. But you really got panicked that's for sure. Right now I am still checking my brother texting from time to time but he told me that they are okey, which makes me feel okey I don't have to worry that much. But of course I am sad watching on tv about what happened in Japan. My heart goes to them and I pray that those who are missing will be found and there will be no more death.


Louis la Vache said…
Mme la Vache's son, brother and mother are in Japan. Shaken, but unhurt.
George said…
The news from Japan is very sad. I can only imagine how frightening it must be for those who have family or friends in the area.

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