Blocked countries for ATM & Credit card

My brother send a message to me that they are waiting for the money that I am going to send to them for the tuition fees of my niece and nephew. So I sent back a message through chikka to wait for a little while because I am going to logged in to xoom. Well what happened then is that my account was locked for some reason. So I checked my email and there it is some reasons why it is blocked. It says that my bank is not going to fund the money, which I later found out that they have this bank news pasted on my bank website...

HOMEPAGE - Bank News
Blocked Countries For ATM & Debit Card
In an attempt to protect our customers' accounts and personal information, we have blocked the following regions/countries for all signature, offline and PIN based transactions:
ALL African nations, Argentina (ARG), China (CHN), Hong Kong (HKG), Iran (IRN), Mexico, (MEX), North Korea (PRK), Phillippines (PHL), Romania (ROU), Russia (RUS), South Korea (KOR), Syria (SYR) and Turkey (TYR).
If you have plans to travel to one of these countries, please contact us so that we may find you a safe alternative to using your ATM, VISA Check Card or Home Equity VISA Access Card during your visit. In addition, please contact us when traveling out of state, or out of the country, so we may make the proper notations on your account.

After I read this news, I was surprised but not much though, lol! I just don't know why Philippines is one of the blocked countries since many OFW and Filipinos living abroad send money every month. But on the other hand, I knew also many discrepancies that happened in the Philippines. And my bank is too over security conscious about this matter. The bad part is that it's night time here and I can't call the bank to fund and allow Xoom to send money. Oh well, I have to wait tomorrow and hope everything will be okey. Night night everyone!


That's awful that we are bunched with troublesome countries. We still have a negative peception with other countries and institutions. I never had such experience like that since my wife sends money through Western Union. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
ace said…
I'm not aware that there's an issue about this blocked ATM and credit card, The good thing is there is other ways on how to transfer the money or remittance from other country to their family in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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David Warner said…
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