My 5 smart ways to use my tax refund

I know what you are thinking.......and I know many don't have a tax refund but for those who are anticipating to receive a tax refund (like us) do you have plans to do what you gonna spend? I am telling her wise spending not splurging to some material things that after hours or days we don't think we don't need it ^_^. Here are some of my five smart ways.

1. Put half of the whole tax refund to a saving account. In which this account can only be withdrawn in an emergency purposes.

2. A friend told me she would pay off one of her credit card. We don't used credit card anymore since last year, so if you have credit card pay it off and shred it and don't look back!  Remember it's easy to shop using plastic card but it's hard to keep up paying it, for the interest goes to 29% and it's hard to get out with that debt again.

3. Set aside for a short distance vacation. Which means hubby and I are going to visit places locally. I lived here in Michigan but haven't see much which I knew there are many places that is worth visiting. One thing that I like to do is mushroom hunting, lighthouse visits, picking fresh farm produce ^_^.

4. Invest in yourself. This is the one I am thinking for many days now. I'd like to enroll in a photography class but I don't know how and where and of course how much!!! Well see ^_^

5. Keep cash on hand, even debit card should be left behind.

But wait a minute am I to harsh to myself? Do I need a little bit of high, hehehe! That means going shopping? Well I can do that with just a minimal money to shed just by going to a thrift store, got yah!!!


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