A 50 yr old bully?

I was watching the news last night and while I was flipping the channel I landed to Fox news channel and it so happened that Sarah Palin was there and the news anchor woman. They are talking about what's going on in Libya and what could be done and all of that stuff. But one specific topic that makes my eyes popped out and I was also hurt because Sarah Palin talked about how Kathy Griffin tell the people all over the world/USA that her New Years resolution is to make the life of Sarah Palin's daughter miserable. Now  any mother could not stand that smiling ,what ever party you are affiliated to, what ever your views in life, it's your kid that is being threatened here of course anybody could get mad, hurt by this statement. And so Sarah Palin  told infront of the camera to Kathy Griffin not to bully her kids and come to Alaska so they could go face to face. The thing is when Sarah said this she is calmed though I knew for sure her innermost being is like a mother bear who is willing to whacked anybody who will devour her little cubs, right?
Now I don't understand why this 50 year old Kathy Griffin is saying this?? I knew her and Behar don't like Sarah Palin (Behar saying Palin as bitch). We all knew that this two aged women and Sarah has different political views, different lifestyle, different views in life and all, but why Griffin bring on Palin's kid with this? If we will reverse the situation, I can't imagine what will Kathy Griffin will say to Palin if Palin will say something with this. I knew she will open her big mouthed and maybe go to channel to channel to do her ranting and raving. But for Sarah she took this graciously as a regal woman. And so it's no surprised if I remember Kathy Griffin a 50 year old bully ^_^


Life Moto said…
well of them got the attention of the people. i hope that they are not taking the advantage of free media exposure. have a nice monday
Calleigh said…
Sarah Palin is indicating that she simply takes this matter overly personal. So how about in cases where every single presidential aspirant flip one's lid and asked every celebs to challenge each other at their houses each time a jest is made concerning them? There would certainly be even more reality TV compared to the real chief of the US, don't ya think?

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