The last Sunday before Lent

Hubby and I attended the Holy Eucharist today at 10:30 am. It wasn't snowing but the snow yesterday became an ice and if you  don't have ice you have at least 6 or 7 inches of snow!!
Yesterday, I woke up very early since I have to attend two classes at Madonna University for Religious Education. Hubby drove me to church for all the catechist agreed that we are going to meet at the church parking lot and go together to the school. We arrived early though, for the fact that it's Saturday early morning, it's snowing so it's not much traffic. When we were inside we looked up at our name and find our room then after that we took breakfast that is prepared for the students, how cool is that huh!! I had two classes the first one is about Group Dynamics in the class which ended up 11:30am then the second one is about Ten Commandments and Beautitudes which ended at 1:00pm. Going home we compared notes and it was fun. I still have 25 classes to do or to tackle for me to be done with my Religious Education course.
So today is the last Sunday before Lent. Wednesday will be Ash Wednesday and because of that I have thought yesterday that my weekend like Saturday and Sunday will be off for blogging, lol!! I know it's hard to follow this it's like a New Year's resolution but have to stick to it. I find that my weekdays is put to blogging, then I have to do my teaching at school and some other activities I ended up sleeping very late at night. 
Specially now that it's Lent, I like to read the bible often, do my devotion, listen to some good talks, read inspirational books and most of all conversing and praying with hubby. Setting priority is what the homily shared by the priest today. And I want to do it. And if there is a will there is a way! Happy Sunday!


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