Valentines weekend

Hello guys and gals! This week is what I call Valentines weekend. I know some couple are planning their dates or special day this weekend since it's weekend and no work for some people. This two days hubby and I don't have any plans about Valentines celebration. But tomorrow of course we go to church and maybe go for a late breakfast.

Yesterday, I asked hubby if he is going to go with me for a date. And he immediately say "yes", and it would be this coming Monday, a lunch date to our favorite Japanese restaurant buffet. I think last year we were there and this will be our second year for a lunch date. Then hubby said so no more flowers? Or bling bling thing? I said NO I just want to have a date with you!!  Then last night I asked him what he wants for Valentines day and he says nothing!! Ohhhh that is cheap I can deal with that hahahahaha! But oh well, when you are married and you love each other do you need expensive gifts? I don't think so because for me I am happy that hubby is in good health, he take care of me like a queen. Example....he cook rice for me everyday. I wake up in the morning with the smell of fresh cooked rice, how cool is that huh?? Ain't that worth to be thankful for? Another example, we always say "I LOVE YOU" even if I have a bad hair day!! Yup women knew what I am talking about lol!! He never falters to say he loves me and he never falters to appreciate me every day!! Even if I think I am the ugliest person in the whole wide world (some days hehe). I can go on and  on bragging my honey, but one thing for sure I am thankful to God for everything. I tell yah GOD IS GOOD!!



forgetmenot said…
I think you are very "lucky"--you have a great husband. Happy Valentines Day. Mickie
You are really blessed Kim to have such a wonderful hubby who cooked rice for you and who wants no present for Valentines Day. Too good to be true huh? hehehe. Have a nice lunch date on Valentines Day at your favorite Japanese restaurant. Both of you are so romantic to always express your love for each other. Pinoys seldom do that, hehehe. They will always say, alam na niya yun, hehehe. Happy Valentines Day to you and your hubby. May the Lord bless you more and grant you both a long healthy and abundant life. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
George said…
It sounds as if you and your hubby celebrate Valentine Day every day of the year. How wonderful that God led you to each other.
Rosey said…
You are lucky to have a sweet husband. I hope you both have a great day together. That is what is important, not the gifts!

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