Snow Blizzard is coming

Right now our weather here in Michigan is fine. When I say fine it's like 19F gush of wind is fine and it's cold. But tonight at 10:00 pm  the storm blizzard will come with two feet of snow and rain ice. Hubby went with his brother to the grocery store and he asked me what I need I told him there is none really. We had batteries, portable gas stove in case there will be a brown out, candles, matches and I told him we need to get many woods to put at the back of our house. So we don't need to go to the woodshed tomorrow in case the snow will be too high and pathway would be slippery because of the ice.
I am cooking spring roll and behon for the kids at church tonight. I just wanted this day to be done I wanted to prepare when blizzard came it make me scared. ^_^ Ciao!


George said…
I hope the blizzard isn't as bad as they say it is going to be. Keep safe and keep warm.
Kim, USA said…
Hi George, it's bad when you are outside driving. I'd rather stay inside the house and keep warm.

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