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Well sooner than later I will be 45 years old ^_^. I am thinking a while ago I am not that young anymore hehe. I was browsing my old photos when I was in my 20's and what a huge difference years could get you. But honestly I am prettier now than before hahaha.
When I reached the age of 40 four years ago I heard many stories. First and foremost is the changes of behavior, physical change and most of all the signs of menopause. I observed some of my female relatives how they fan themselves when they feel hot flashes. And they tell me that at night time they woke up sweating too, geez!! I've been listening and observing my body for signs of menopause but I can't say there is for now. I just wonder when would this menopausal thing would hit me because I would love to know. I've been searching on the internet about signs of menopause and I am overwhelmed by how many information out there just waiting for like me to read. And I am so thankful of that because it does help me prepare myself . I also told hubby that if things like mood swing hits me just understand me because it might be one of the signs. Right now I am loving my life and thanking that I am in my fabulous 40's!!


imriz said…
this is my favorite post of urs! as i am in my 40's too:))) felt i was pretty in my 20's...but now, I AM FEELING SEXIER AND PRETTIER, LOL!

narcissistic tlg e, hanu:))) cenxa na po,gutom lang...it's 1pm here and i missed my lunch, :)))

TC kim...
Kim, USA said…
Hi Riz, I think if we accept the fact that things change for the better it gives a positive perspective in our outlook in life. Plus with hubby who appreciate us so much that we think we are really beautiful even in our worst hair day hahaha...adds up to our self confidence. ^_^

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