Bird seeds

Yesterday after my catechism class hubby and I went to Ace hardware to buy bird seeds. That morning I saw in the newspaper that they are having a sale for bird seeds. The idea to buy bird seeds stuck in my mind for the whole day because I can't wait to feed my birds. I bought one bag of bird seeds for 20lbs worth $5 and for 8pcs of bird suet it only cost $5!! I used to buy $1.29/bird suet and for 8pcs for just $5 is really a sale. This morning I feed my birds I haven't seen one bird yet but I know sooner or later they will know that I fed them lol!


George said…
I predict that you will soon have more birds than you can keep track of. It only took the birds about two days to find our feeders when we first put them out. I think the suet will be especially popular with your birds.
Kim, USA said…
Hi George I hope so. I heard the news about dead birds somewhere south it kind of worries me so I went for a little walk yesterday and I was happy I heard them chirping way up on the tree. So I have to wait another day to see them. ^_^

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