See this a scolarships for college

Just got home from a family brunch. We had this every Saturday and to those who could remember or don't have any thing to go they can come to our favorite restaurant and see the rest of the relatives. It's very cold outside it's still snowing and nasty lol.
Anyway, sooner or later the school year will gonna end. Two of my BIL's grand daughter is going to graduate in high school. Since I arrived here in Michigan I've been to so many high school graduation and so many open houses. This morning we are talking about what these soon to be high school graduates do or take in college. It's kind of great to hear that they already figure out what they gonna do. My step-daughter's daughter tried to take a pre-med scholarships since she likes to be in medical field. One of my BIL's granddaughter graduated last year with a nursing degree and she is doing pretty good in her chosen career.
Her mom told us that she got this information from searching here in the internet. She even found out that there is such thing as a scholarships for left handed people and African-American scholarships, how cool is that. Never in my wildest dream that there is such a thing  like this for left handed people such a great opportunity, right? Living here in the US opened my eyes to consider going back to school. There is not old age in education nor old age in learning new things. I have an accounting degree and I want to do the things that I have a passion with. So for everybody out there who is considering in embarking a new career go this website and look for what you need. Never say never!


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