I lose 10 pounds and counting!

Yes seriously I lose 10 pounds!! The pounds that is so stubborn to get rid off. With my age dieting is fine of course, but I need a help to lose those unwanted pounds and that because I did drink Leisure 18 Slimming coffee. Yup, slimming coffee!! Never in my wildest dream that I could move that weighting scale gauge to move down. Many time I tried those over  the counter slimming "thingy" that we could buy over the counter. But found out that some gave me palpitation, some don't have any effect, some I don't see any improvement so I stopped  taking it. Well this time I am so pleased  that I found this slimming coffee. And because it did help me I decided to sell it. If it works for me it works for others too. I just so wish that the slimming coffee that I ordered last week will come next week. I am out and I need it badly, lol!! So if anyone loves to try it email me mkhkiss@gmail.com and will email you back.


 As of today March 17, 2011 I lose more than 5 lbs. And it just make a reason why I have to shop for another clothes. I want to celebrate my triumph fighting for unwanted pounds. And with the help of this slimming coffee I won't be able to see how weighting scale gauge go down, ever!! I am in my 5 box and it feels good. I need 15 or 20 lbs to shed off I knew that is still a lot but I have faith in this coffee. If I shed those pounds why can't I not shed more right?  Anybody who wants to buy it, just message me here okie dokie?


Jingle said…
10 pounds?

I admire your courage..
stay blessed.
Good for you! Stopping by from Bloggers Over 40.

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