Green is beautiful

I was watching this daily show on tv and I am so amazed by how this people put some green inside and outside of their building. This daily show talked about how you can make your property become an eye catching to people or customers by having commercial planters. And the solution everybody could figure it out I think is to put some greens. It means you have to put a live plants inside and outside of your business building or malls or hospitals. I think it's one of my fetish to look for something nice and unique every time I visited a museum, commercial building, airports etc. I like to take a look how large commercial planter they put in the vicinity and what kind of plant they planted.
Outdoor commercial planters is another thing too because it attracts many people like me to wish that I could have it someday. Some outdoor commercial planter are pretty good to put at a home garden as an exterior decoration. I was with my friend the other day shopping and we talked about Spring. It was great talking to somebody whom you have the same interest. So we talked about what flowers are we going to plant this year. How am I going to do with a certain spot in my garden that needs to be done something. And we also talked about how this huge commercial planter is being maintained. With this kind of weather everybody is stuck inside and it's just too nice to see some greens planted in every mall or huge building and even churches with beautiful planter in tow. So for now green is what I like to see and I think it will not take long for Spring to come by.


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