Who doesn't have a check now a days? Check for me is second to cash as a way to pay your bills or anything. But some people abuse it, they pay something they purchase in check but then it has no money in the bank that's why many people also don't want to accept checks. Many now prefer to pay online just one or two click on your computer keyboard and there it is the transaction is done! But for me I still do prefer to pay with check, some bills I pay online but some I pay with check because I like to have some paper trail.
And I think that goes with many companies too. It could be a new or old business company they have to have a company checks where they could see what's the in and out of their finances, right? I remember my boss before, even if our cashier will only pay $1 for something it has to be paid by a check. I understand it because as I have said it's easy to look where does the money goes. The other day I've saw my SIL wrote a check and I like the design of her company checks. I asked her where she ordered it and she gave me the website when I looked at it online there it was so many designs to choose from and mind you it's affordable. So right now I am thinking of getting a new set of check with this company Deluxe.


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