Beam clamps

Last year when hubby, my BIL and some men worked for our wood shed they need a good beam clamps. One time when they were at the roof I find it hard to looked because I don't like to see accident happened. Sometimes it made me laugh because my BIL's way of doing things is different from my hubby. And most of the time my hubby's idea is the easy and the best of all hehe. One time my BIL wanted the beaming of his barn to be up since he find it not align. He thought of putting a pole in the middle going to the top and jack it up. My hubby was laughing at his idea because he says it would never work, and he is right. He took his beam clamps and some of his wrenched and voila the problem was solved. I like it when hubby shared his work for the day with me because with that I knew he is a clever man ^_^


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