Too cold but the sun is up

Woke up this morning and the weather temperature says it's 5 F ewwwww!!! Thanks to the fire stove a one little heater inside the bedroom I feel warm and comfortable. But I had this habit that every morning as soon as I get up I immediately went outside and just took fresh air with a deep breath. That helps with my nose that is plugged up the whole night. When I went outside it's cold and it's too obvious I can't stand there for even 1 minute lol!! So I then came inside and went to the refrigerator to get something and to my surprise the temperature inside the ref is just nothing!! Or shall I say it's like summer? hahahaha!
But one thing that I also thankful is that we don't have a lot of snow and the sun is up. When the sun not showing and the sky is cloudy and dark it feels like life is also gloomy did anybody could say yes to that for me? ^_^ I couldn't imagine myself living in a place or a country that I could not see the sun every day!! I think I will fell depress the whole time. So well I have to do my chores and be back later for some meme ^_^


George said…
Bright sunshine does help make cold days more bearable. But I must admit that I prefer days that are sunny and WARM!

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