Baby clothes

Last October I became a godmother to a cute little baby girl. She was born last August and now she is 4 months old. I've been looking for a baby clothes at every department store but what I find is not to my liking. I am kind of picky specially in dresses. I want it to be durable and comfortable since they are for babies. A friend of mine from California told me the other day that she  shopped online for baby clothes and she gave me the website. I then visit the site browse around and like what I saw.
So last night I did some shopping online. I love there dresses for tots and they are so cute. Love the colors it's not too loud and the quality is great. Now I am excited for the stuff to arrive so I can wrap it and give it before Christmas. For now just thankful that I have all my gifts almost ready and can't wait to give it all away. ^_^


George said…
Shopping for grandchildren is one of life's greatest joys.
That dress is adorable! Be sure to cut out any labels at the neck so baby is really comfy, and include them for mom to know how to wash it.

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