Had to do the shopping today

It's Friday once again and tomorrow is our family Christmas party. Since we are a huge family I am not going to cook a lot because everybody would bring their special dish to pass. I am thinking to cook for spring roll or "lumpia" and right now I don't have my ingredients yet. Aside from the ingredients that I have to buy today this coming Sunday is the last day that we are going to give our gift for the needy. In our church we had this tree and on the tree lots of angels  are hanged and it's written on the angels a wish from a kid, a teen or an adult. Two weeks ago I picked up two angels and the first angel says two fold wallet from an 81 year old man, the second one is a gift card worth $15 and I think this is from a teen or a kid. So it's kind of busy I might not here in the blog land for  today so bare me if I can't visit you guys. Happy weekend!


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