Friday my Town Shoot-Out

After I read the theme this week I said "I just hope that I would not end up in front of the police station". Know what I did!! LOL!! Last Sunday hubby and I went to see the town parade. I thought to myself it's the best time to check out where we end up after ten minutes of drive from the house. We are heading to the town and now we knew that from our house to the town proper is 10 minutes away and the police station, fire station, post office, churches, bank and some restaurant is right smack in the middle of the town. Here is what I took.

               It was fun doing this theme. Wish I did drove to the East, South and North part of my area.
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George said…
Thanks for showing us your town.
Doreen said…
looks like a very busy area of town. and you did find a police car. wonder what he thought of you taking his pic?
Jama said…
Did the police ask you why are you photographing their car? lol

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