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Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

Predator is one of my action movies. The lead character is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, a elite commando sent to the jungles of Central America to eliminate rebels. This mission goes according to plan, but there is a snag. A alien hunter is in the jungle and proceeds to hunt down Arnold Schwarzenegger and his group of elite commandos. The movie incorporates several things. Besides the action one could consider this movie a thriller. For the first half of the movie the Predator (the alien hunter) is merely stalking the elite team. You see this from the perspective of the Predator who is using infrared vision. This makes the movie rather intense and makes for a few jumps here and there due to the teams paranoia as they can't actually see the Predator. The Predator uses active camouflage to hide and stalk the team. This makes for a great movie as you can see the team going nuts trying to figure out where the Predator is. Of course the commando team is wiped out except Schwarzenegger who proceeds to have a epic battle with the Predator at the end of the movie. This movie is awesome and if you have satellite television from you can probably find this great movie on there somewhere. This movie incorporates everything you would want out of an action movie and is definitely worth seeing.


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