Before and After

                                                 Here is my contribution for this week theme.

                                                          This is our woodshed

                                                      Now we are ready for winter!!
                                               Linking this post to Round Robin Challenge


Ourhomeschool said…
Great job! Love to see the progression of a project. You'll be needing that wood! brr....
Monica said…
That's one of our future projects at our home. Not for wood, but to hold bags of pellets. I wish we had a regular fireplace. (sigh)

Nice shed and great subject for the RR theme. =)
ellen b. said…
What a great project. Just in time, too. I bet you'll enjoy that...
Jama said…
Looks like you have enough wood to last till the end of winter! keep yourself warm.
Wow - I love it! I really like the design of the shed, and the shots of the work in progress. Good stuff!

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