This automatic order

I was busy doing blog hopping when I head hubby calling somebody. Hmmm I just listened what he is talking and I realized it's about his order for a vitamins or supplement. The first time when he ordered two vitamins it only cost him $4.30. So when I knew it I just agree with it. But then this morning I think he received in his email that this company is sending him again some of their stuff worth $164.99 plus shipping and handling which worth in total to $194.00 ++ he immediately called them to cancel all his order. The other thing too is that even if it's not yet 30 days they already send their stuff with that amount. Thankfully he was able to talk to somebody and  told them he is going to returned it. He was given a return number and will just wait for the UPS to arrive. 
This time I think we all have to be vigilant to what we are ordering online and just don't agree for their marketing strategy about automatic order. For the fact that they have your debit or credit card they can put any amount of money when ever they want. I was so sorry I scolded my hubby early in the morning for almost a $200 that's a lot. That amount I can stretch it for almost a month I am a saver ^_^


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