Thanksgiving Dinner at my Aunt's house

Guest post from: Jeromy Haney

Every year my family and I get together at my aunt's house where she prepares a big turkey and we all bring our best dishes to enjoy. All of my family is there including my other aunts, uncle's, cousins as well as my grandparents. The kids all get the board games or take a football outside to get some fresh air while we adults sit around talking and putting the final touches on our Thanksgiving dinner.
We usually serve the traditional Thanksgiving dinner including a turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, my grandpa's famous cranberry sauce and of course we top it off with a good ol' fashioned pumpkin pie. We usually sit around afterwards stuffed while watching a good movie or show on satellite television from It's the perfect way to end our Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house.
Once we have finished our movie we usually look over the ad's for the next day's big deals on Black Friday
shopping. We are planning to try to get all of our Christmas shopping that day and we really want to take advantage of the great deals they are having especially on toys and electronics.
After that we go home and get out all of our Christmas decorations to put up. The kids love getting to help decorate as my husband goes outside to put up the lights on the house. It makes for a perfect Thanksgiving day.


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