Online trading

Did you hear this  adage "don't put your eggs in one basket?" When I was young I didn't know what is the real meaning of this adage. Nobody I think didn't explained it to me or I just didn't mind to asked what it is. When I grow older and now living here in the US I have the privilege to know more of this stuff because my hubby is doing Online Trading.Though I have a degree in accounting and in my economics and finance subject I heard and learned some of the words. But being in school trying to understand what it means is different from doing it and learning it in the real world. So I started to have an interest on it. I found it that there is such a thing as Online Broker, hmmm I thought that we can't do that. And hubby showed me his IRA accounts and how to do Stock Trading.  To see all the famous names with their stock names fascinates me. What makes me more interested is that everybody has the privilege to do it inside the comfort of their home. Because an  online brokerage firm  allows this to happen how cool is that!!


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