Cranberry sauce, my favorite dish

Guest post written by Louise Powell

I love cranberry sauce so much that I don't just eat it at Thanksgiving. I like to eat it at all other times of the year, well not all other times of the year. But times that aren't Thanksgiving too. Except that I'm a terrible cook, so I have to rely on my sister to make it.
I didn't want to have to buy the can version this year and wanted to make sure that my sister was going to bring it so I emailed her and made sure that she was going to bring it for Thanksgiving at my place. When I was emailing her I came across some clear tv bundle pricing and ended up switching over our internet service to it.
She knows my weakness for cranberry sauce, so she was actually expecting me to ask her and agreed to do it with lots of LOLs. I promised her that I would make my pecan pie, which is one of her favorite Thanksgiving dishes because she has a huge sweet tooth.


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