Off to the Library

Thanks to Marion Watkins

Every weekend before the kids and I head off to the library, I remind myself to set my ADT alarm. Once I have done this I feel that we can go and enjoy a day at the library with a sense of security. Once we arrive at the library in Atlanta, the kids automatically leave me and run over to the kids section. They enjoy reading time at the library so much; I think they forget sometimes that I am there.
While they are behaving and enjoying themselves quietly, I walk around to see if I can find at least 3 or 4 motivation books that I can take home with me. I do this first so that after I have selected my books, I can go and sit down in a quiet booth and begin my reading. The library is so relaxing that it is my favorite place to enjoy a good book. Sometimes I get so into the books, when the kids are ready to go, I find myself stalling. There have even been a few times where I have fell asleep and the kids have had to wake me up.
It's nice to get away from home sometimes and enjoy the quiet and serene environment that the library has to offer. I sit in this same spot the whole time until the kids come and tell me they're ready to go.


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