It's a luxury for me.

When I get here in the US I never thought that I would ever learned how to drive. In the Philippines my brother had a car and it's stick shift. He showed me how to maneuver but I don't think if I could learn all of those foot work, hand maneuver at the same time I have to focus my eyes on the road that is tough lol! So when I get here in the US hubby thought me immediately. It's automatic so it's easy for the foot but since it's my first time to seat behind the wheel it's hard and I get frustrated so quick. 
Now I am so done with road test and studying road signs now I am into beautiful cars. I look at wiki cars what is it means because I heard it several times already. It does help to look immediately on the internet if I don't understand some of the words around me.
Yesterday after church hubby and I went to Japanese buffet restaurant for a friends birthday. As hubby drove along I-75 I see beautiful cars. I pinpoint each and every cars that I saw and told hubby that I want it lol! Well I found in the magazine this new  Cadillac Cts-V as I browse the glossy paper I am so amazed how beautiful is the interior of this car just so gorgeous!! As what I have said to my hubby this car is loaded with good stuff so loving it.
When we arrived from the party I had a message from my cousin who lived in Chicago. So I call him back. He asked me if he can talked to my hubby since hubby knew something about cars. He told my hubby that he is planning to buy a new car next year and he is juggling to buy either Hyundai Equus and Volkswagen Routan both of these cars are loaded when I say loaded it has everything inside like gps, car entertainment is up to date. Hubby gave him some hints on how to choose the best car for him and it should depend on what and how he is going to used the car. He works in the city of Chicago and don't go out of state nor go for long drive so I think the most luxury could he takes is the best for him. I just hope that what ever he choose he would be happy for it.


Great that your hubby is knowledgeable with cars. It is only a matter of time when you will drive your own automatic car. It is harder to learn to drive in the Philippines because of the bad driving habits of Pinoy drivers. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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