2 Days till Thanksgiving

On top of my blog is a ticker and it says 2 days till Thanksgiving. And this year I am not going to do a lot of cooking instead we are going to spend in the morning at the church. Yes we are going to attend mass at St. Hugo church in Opdyle Rd. and later in the afternoon we are going to my DH son and his family. So at this time I am not too stressed out thinking what to cook and what to buy for grocery we even don't look any turkey what so ever. For only two person in our house it's kind of hard to cook a lot.  It always ended up in the trash and in this time where many people don't have nothing to eat, it's not practical. I told hubby that if he want me to cook for us I can do that but I won't buy a whole turkey and he don't even eat it!!!! I can buy a little  piece of turkey and cook it if he wants it. But he told me he doesn't really care so this coming Thanksgiving day my mean event is to attend mass and thank the Lord for all the blessings and graces that HE shower on us. And the second event is to visit all my DH children in their homes I think our plan is great!! LOL!


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