Franchise Fee

This morning before I do my blogging and visiting friends blog I sort out the bills and pay it (some) online and some I wrote a check. Well, I am a kind of person who has this yellow paper and wrote all the bills every month and compare it every month. I am also the kind of person who likes to know what is being added like surcharges or taxes. This morning I was looking at our cable/tv provider bill and I noticed that they had franchise fee worth almost $5. I know it's not much for other people but for me it is. And come to think of it if there are 500 residence that have their service 500 residence x $5 = $2,500. And I don't think so that their are only 500 residents who had their services. But my question is WHY we the consumer/residents has to pay for the Franchise Fee? What about the one person or businessman who took this franchise what does he paid on getting the service? I just wonder!! But I think I have to call their consumer service just to know. ^_^


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