Bulletin board

Good morning people! It's rainy Thursday morning and it's kind of chilly outside but it's bearable. I so wish the sun will come out later today though.
Was chatting with my brother last night and he showed me a latest pictures of my nieces and nephew. They are growing so fast and I so missed them a lot. Good thing that I am somehow busy for this past few days sometimes I forgot about the feeling hehe. Anyway, my brother told me that since the kids are in grade school he is planning to buy a bulletin board specially the cork one. He says that it's easy to remind the kids if he and his wife could just stick a note to the kids. And I so agree with it because just last Monday I was called to become a catechist in our church and I saw their  school bulletin boards and it's just pretty inside and out.  In my room where I was assigned, I need to have bulletin board that will stand. Because it's easy to move around and that kids will love to see it too.  I remember when I was in school I love reading all the bulletin boards that are in the school hallways. I don't know but I feel that it is one way of getting some information of what is going on with other students and the school itself. And so I told my brother to buy one because I know for sure the kids would love to have it and at the same time they could also stick or tack some notes to their Uncle and Aunt.


George said…
A bulletin board sounds like a great idea.

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