The Fourth Weekend of Every Month

Guest post written by my buddy Jill Arnold

This Saturday my wife and I are going on our monthly camping trip to the Grand Canyon. It has been a tradition to go on the fourth weekend of every month to the same spot where we were married. Tonight we will make a big dinner and eat it by candle light and then spend the rest of our evening packing and reminiscing on old times. When the morning comes I will cook her breakfast and bring it to the bedroom for her to indulge in before taking a shower. After the cleansing and eating is through we will pack the car up and set our Alarm Systems. This is the normal routine that we have for our camping weekend, so far it has not change and I do not see it doing so. I am so glad that my wife and I still have a chance to get out and enjoy time alone together like we did before we got married and had kids. It is a magnificent chance for us to feel young and alive for one more day.


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