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I am a person who can stay at home and love to do crafting. Aside from cooking and photography crafting is one thing that I would love to learn more. One thing that I would love to learn more is jewelry making. I have friends who do jewelry making and I am so envious their products are just so beautiful!!! One time I tried to make one because Deb asked me to try it. So I started making it but I found out that the materials are not that many to choose and so I told my friend Deb that she had to look for a store or websites that sells beads or gemstones cheap.
One that should be visited for all the jewelry makers or crafters out there is the Beads Of Cambay website. In this site you can find  Wholesale Beads & Gemstones in any shapes and color that you want for your jewelry. I was browsing this site and I am so amaze how beautiful this bead and gemstones are. Just by looking each one of the beads and gemstones I can't help but envisioning the design of my jewelry. And why is that because they are just gorgeous!! Here are some of my favorites Aquamarine Beads, Vermeil Beads, Drusy Beads, Tourmaline Beads, Freshwater Pearls, 22kt Gold plated Copper Beads, Copper Beads, and Sterling Silver Beads.
As you can see they are all so pretty and anybody couldn't resist envisioning how all this beads become such beautiful jewelry. Then what is good in Beads Of Cambay is that they offer free shipping. Everybody love it right? Aside from their "worry free shopping" they offer free shipping too. They also had customer service on stand by anytime you like to contact them specially if you  have some questions or if you like to place an order. By that it's quick and you know that everything you want is process immediately. So to those who love making jewelries this is the site you will love to shop. Happy crafting!
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