Had to have shoes

Everytime hubby and I go to the mall I always ended up looking or browsing shoes. He sometimes teased me that my closet is full with shoes and it can be mistaken like a boutique lol! But I told him I think that is woman are we love shoes. But I also knew some women who doesn't have a lot of shoes they don't care. While  I sometimes complained I don't have shoes when my closet is bursting with shoes and I have container under my bed full of shoes lol! Anyway, I was browsing the internet and found this women's shoe blog geez I love it makes me feel thrilled most specially if a picture is with a post. The latest that the author wrote is the design of Tory Burch and when I saw the shoes my heart sank it's gorgeous!!!
Then came a  friend of mine yesterday who wore this gorgeous shoes. And though it was chilly and we were outside chitchatting (after eating) while watching the kids doing the penata. I immediately noticed her high heeled black shoes. I love high heeled shoes and I can't help myself but asked where did she bought it and she  told me that she bought it online to stuart weitzman shoes. When I came home I immediately checked and again I feel in love.
Yesterday, though it was Saturday was a bit busy for hubby. He was not around almost the whole morning but later in the afternoon we went to attend my friend daughter's birthday. I did enjoy the Filipino food that they prepare and while we were at the table eating our topic shifted to the hunting season. Oh yes, it's the time of year to hunt for deer. And I  don't have a good hunter boots. Why I am very conscious of having a good quality and water proof hunter boots is because I am afraid of snakes. Then I like it to be light weight, easy on your feet, and also fashionable.


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