My brother in the Philippines is into Scuba diving. Three years ago when he started to love scuba diving. In our place there are resorts that are not too far that has a good place for scuba diving. Last two years ago we went to this famous resort and I let him dive and do scuba diving. well of course with a professional scuba diver with him. While me and my nieces and nephew and my SIL are waiting at the boat enjoying the high waves. Well actually I don't like in the middle of an ocean most specially that the whole family is in one boat and for the fact that I don't know how to swim lol.!  When my brother was done scuba diving we were talking about how they diving, well not me!! This morning when I chatted to my brother he is into wake boarding, oh well he told me to look at Liquid Force and find out if it is cheaper to buy it here in the US and send it to the Philippines. He showed me what kind of wake board he likes ad the colors and oh my I also am impressed! Well because he is my only brother I would love to give this stuff for a gift this Christmas. ^_^


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