Favorite Wedding TV Show

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

My Fair Wedding with David Tutera has to be my favorite wedding themed TV show. Each week, David takes a wedding that is turning out to be a complete disaster, and turns it into a wedding that one can only dream about.
I love watching My Fair Wedding on my satellite TV I ordered from bestchoicetv.com/installation-deal.html every Sunday night. Even if the show is a repeat I don't care. I'll never pass up an opportunity to watch David turn a girls big day into a fairytale. The show starts out by David visiting the bride-to-be at her home with her groom. After he meets the groom, he asks him to leave for the day, so he can work out the wedding details with the bride. At this point the bride usually welcomes in her bridal party and they show him their dresses, the brides gown as well as the decorations and favors for the wedding. Once David gets an idea of what the bride wants, he gets rid of all the old ideas and begins to shape her them around what he feels is appropriate.
At the end of the show the bride is always amazed at what her big day has turned out to be. He really knows what his brides want and how to give it to them. I love David Tutera and I'll never miss My Fair Wedding.


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