Rain Chain

Wow it's been cold today. The first time ever from a long hot summer day. Though it's not yet the end of Summer but I could tell Fall is just around the corner lurking. Today I went to my friends house and had  lunch and watched movie, I did wore a sweat shirt because it's chili outside. We were eating lunch and our discussion is about how hot is our Summer this year. The grasses turns brown which is unlikely for us here in MI but that's what happened because it didn't rained for weeks!! 
Last three or two days ago it rained but it's not how we expected to be. Though in some parts in our state had Typhoon but in my area it's not that heavy. My friend showed me the rain chain that she bought online. It is a copper rain chain and it is really pretty!! I also wanted to have at least two of them and as I looked at their website they only not sell garden rain chains but also Japanese rain chain, which for me is really gorgeous and has and real Oriental look.
Today, I thought it is going to rain. Having rain chains attach around the house is kind of nice to look at specially that I like rain compare to being too hot. With what I saw at my friends house, I too want to have one and it has to be soon because I knew  that sooner or later rain will come and I wanted to take a picture of it with my adorable rain gutter chain.


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