Breckenridge Resort

Yesterday and today it feels like Fall already. I had my socks right now and when I go out I had my sweat shirt. It seems like sooner or later we are going to say bye bye to Summer. Though I am excited to see Fall and soon Winter my heart still love summer. This morning my step-son and his wife just came from Frisco, Colorado and they showed us a lot of pictures. I think it's their second time that they visited Colorado and every time they visited there they always brought tons of pictures for me to drool!! Lol!! 
All our relatives who've been in Colorado told us that this state is awesome. The landscape is  just beautiful and the mountains are gorgeous to watch and it's not that cold although the mountains  are covered with white means it has snow. And in Frisco, Colorado they had a place called Frisco Colorado lodging that they always stay when they are there. And I think if hubby and I will go there we will just choose the lodging since we don't have kids tagging us. I immediately search the place and voila the site gives a lot of information. Breckenridge resort is a perfect place to people who wanted a peaceful vacation time. One that I found out  is  Breckenridge vacation rentals  for me it's the best way to do too because you can rent as long as you want. And the other one is Breckenridge  rental homes which is very good for family if you have kids with you. The houses are secluded and you all have privacy and most of all inside those houses is cozy and gorgeous. When I was done looking at all their pictures, I immediately told my hubby that we have to go to Colorado and thankfully he said yes!!


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