Need to start Fall cleaning

It's only like 7 days more to go and Summer season ends. I kind of excited because hubby and I are planning to go up north when the leaves started to change it's color. I so love to take a lot of pictures using my dslr camera because I don't have any yet. For now I am thinking of Fall cleaning. Hubby and his brother already done splitting firewood. We haven't put the firewood inside the woodshed yet because hubby wanted it to be dry. Well he knew what he is talking about so at the back of our house a mountain of firewood is ready to toss inside the woodshed. Another "to do" that hubby should do it soon is cleaning the chimney. Last year when we cleaned it up it was so cold hubby and had a hard time cleaning it. Now I always remind him to do that as soon as possible so it would not create a problem when we start burning wood. Well as hubby said one step at a time ^_^


George said…
We got our chimney swept on Tuesday, firewood was delivered on Wednesday, and I'm going to be stacking it for several days.

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