Myrtle Beach resorts

Wow it's Monday again and Summer will end in 9 days!! I feel like missing the hotness of Summer at the same time I also love to see the colors of Fall and smell the freshly bake apple pies and drink  hot apple cider which is my favorite!!
Last few days ago my step-son and his whole family just came back from a Labor day holiday weekend get-away. They went to their favorite place to go, none other than Myrtle Beach resort. My step-son loves to play golf and every time they go there he always see to it that he could avail the awesome golf packages Myrtle Beach that is offered online. He told me one time that he always check this website all the time to see if they have cheap or affordable packages. They showed us their pictures and I am so envious I want to be near to beach and take a lot of pictures of the sunset or sunrise. They shared to us that they enjoyed the scenery and they enjoyed the seafood. I could tell that the place is awesome because I myself look at this website
and they have several packages that me and hubby is so eager to avail. Last night, hubby opened up telling me he wanted to go down south this coming Fall. He told me to check more and if I could find an affordable packages take it!! LOL! I think he knew that I so love to go to Myrtle beach, it's been awhile that we haven't had our vacation like out of state get-away. Right now I am excited to surf the site and who knows the date that we are supposed to go would be cheaper than what we expect. Crossing my fingers to that!!


George said…
I lived near Myrtle Beach and it is very nice in Autumn and even Winter. I hope you get to go.

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