Lycopene overdose?

What I love in Summer specially the end of Summer is all the fruits and vegetables that we can get from our garden or from relatives or friends garden ^_^. Remember last three months ago hubby and I planted grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. And guess what the grape tomatoes is my favorite. It's the sweetest tomato I have ever eaten in my whole entire life.
Every morning I walk to our garden and just right there I picked if there is a ripe one and eat it without washing it ekkkk!!! Hahahaha! Anyhow, I didn't put any insecticide or I didn't see any bugs or anything so I just wipe it off from my sleeve and eat it, simple and easy hehehe!! 
But my question is , is there such thing as an overdose of lycopene? Well I hope not because if there is then I guess I am overdosing myself now lol!!


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