Kissimmee my Kissimmee!!

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What's all with my title? Well it's because Kissimmee is the place that hubby and I love to visit over and over again. I've been there twice and we've never said okey we are done here but instead we always end up  saying we are going to be back here soon hahaha. But don't you know that hubby and I thought that Kissimmee is part of Orlando? We realize that it was not because when we got there the first time by plane we landed in Orlando but traveled a little farther going to Kissimmee. As we are heading to our hotel I saw in the highway all the names like Epcot, Seaworld, Magic Kingdom which later on we decided to visit it right away.
When we arrived in our hotel we immediately checked our itinerary. I am the kind of person who like to write what to do or where to go next. That is why at that time I was so glad that I checked what theme parks that is close to where we are because that time I am already set to wonder around and see the theme parks. Hubby decided to go to Seaworld because it was closest to the hotel we are checked in. Then the next day we went to  Epcot which a little bit farther but didn't know that Epcot is a huge place. In Seaworld, I was like a child. I see Shamu the first time and if hubby is not with me (hehehe) I will be seated in front where Shamu will laid down and splashed the water because I love that ^_^. But since I am with hubby we set at the top part but I could see everything down. The next day when we went to Epcot it's a different scenery. I love it too because in just a day we could travel all over the world!! Yes I am not kidding you can get to China to France then to Canada in a day!! The best part of the day is the fireworks at night. Hubby tried to tell me we are going back to the hotel but I told him I love to watched the fireworks and he was glad he listened to me hehe. It was amazing I love it and I never get tired of watching it.
After that three days vacation I can't stop myself telling to friends how beautiful the theme parks in Kissimmee are. I can't wait to be back there again because I heard that there are many rides that are added. And the  next time we will be there I would add to our itinerary  the Universal Studio, Disney's Animal Kingdom as a must to see!!  Geez I so wish we could stay for a week so we could visit all the theme parks. Here are some of the pictures enjoy!
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Shamu's place, it's jampacked when we get there.
Waiting for Shamu
                                                                      That is Shamu there!
                                                            Waiting for my water ride
Almost to Epcot
                                At the parking lot heading to Epcot. That smile is about excitement!!
    Ain't this so sweet? Minnie and Mickey Mouse together? The flowers here are awesome and colorful!!


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