Feeling okey now

Last Saturday and Sunday I felt so sick I don't want to do blogging or even blog hopping. I am not the kind of person that a little achy here and there immediately take any kind of medicine. But yesterday I decided to take a paracetamol and thankfully today I feel really good. I could only imagine those people who are not feeling good 24/7!! What a bad thing to deal it everyday. I wonder why when I see a sick person the pain manifest it well on their face and can't blame them. I remember the saying "health is wealth" and I think I agree with this 100%. What good is it if we have money but we don't have a good health? Yesterday I took I think two tablets in 8 hours span and the medicine took it right  away. Then I drink lots of fluid like water and kombucha tea which my hubby is concocting it for months now. I am more agreeable to take more on natural stuff than all those over the counter medicine. Now I am happy to say that I am back and not feeling sick.


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