Cheap netbook

I've been looking for a cheap netbook. I want to give it to my niece and nephew. They'd been asking this for quite sometime now but I was really waiting for the right time. And now I found one and I am so happy to buy it. The first time I knew about cheap netbook was last week when I was at my friends house. The look was so cool and it's very handy. When I first laid my eyes on it I immediately think of my niece and nephew. How happy could they be to have it and I could see their smile it would be from ear to ear kind of smile. I asked my friend immediately where to buy it and how much and good thing she laid me to a site. When I looked at the price my eyes grew huge because I couldn't believe the price it is very affordable and mind you it's gorgeous. Right now I am waiting for my nephew to get online so I could give him the site and let him choose which one is his liking. Happy weekend!


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