Be aware

This past few days I've been glued in front of the tv almost 24/7. One of our favorite show is of course watching national news and local news. Every time I watched the news its' always about how our economic is going down and some says there is no way that we will feel the economy is picking up. I myself is a saver and I also not a spender but still we feel the hard times of this time. I was thinking the other day about what could some other families are feeling right now most specially if they have 1 or more children, of course, it would be difficult and a challenge to each one.
Then I also noticed while watching tv that their are some advertisement that talked about Obama debt relief act I accept when I saw this advertisement on tv it ignited my curiosity. In fact, I was telling myself that this kind of relief act is what people need specially in this time of economic crunch. But then one time I was watching another tv show and I was thankful I did, because it was about debt relief scams!! The show made me glued in my seat for I think an hour. My heart goes to this particular family who has only $500 in their savings account and was still scam. When they happened to know the advertisement who tells them about debt relief stimulus initiative  they didn't think or search much about it, the couple jump immediately into the wagon and risk their last $500 savings. Of course, at the end they were dupe and they lost their $500 and they couldn't find anybody to talk and how to get their money back.
It was kind of sad to learned that people dupe people because of greed. People should be aware that in time like this, this kind of people who wants to dupe people are like mushroom sprouting all over. My advice is that before taking the plunge search in the internet, look at that particular company if somebody or anybody is talking about it in the  internet and have a negative comment about it. And it is up to us then after we gather all the information if we continue to avail it or not. Because as I have always said it takes two to tango.


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