It would be 30 days until summer ends. And that is not that long. No wonder when I look outside I see leaves started to fell down. Fall is soon coming to town faster than we expect.
Anyhow, this Spring and Summer we didn't get out of the state vacation. Instead, we do local tourism!! Yup we visited places that even my DH didn't visited in his lifetime and it's just right here in our own backyard (state of Michigan). I love visiting local tourist spots. And around Michigan alone there is a lot to see and to discover, for the fact that we experienced the  true meaning of four seasons the beauty is very diverse.
And because of that I used local yellow pages in finding places that has festivals, farms, and other good stuff to visit. Most specially towns or cities that has old or new restaurants, I even told hubby one time I like to visit an old diner!! And it only happens when you knew the local restaurants in the area. The one good thing as of this time and age is that we only do local search and voila it's there in front of us. The addresses, phone numbers, information of the town or city, as in like everything that you like to know.
Last week, we went to Huckleberry Village, then the other week we went to Blueberry Lane farm to picked huckleberry. Without the help of local yellow pages it would be impossible to know where these places are and right now it's the only thing that I always use to look for places within Michigan or in another state. So try local yellow pages it is very helpful!


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