Our address sign

Last Saturday I went out to get our mails and I noticed immediately the numbers of our address sign is missing!! Nobody took it but it was old and I guess it fell down and so it's gone now. Thankfully, the local mail carrier, fed ex, waste disposal collector knew our number so I don't have a problem with that but what about our friends who are first timers. For sure they would have a hard time finding our house ^_^ So I immediately told my hubby to get a new one. I specifically told him it should be durable, easy to read, and a tough one address plaque.So hubby off he goes but he couldn't find a good one. I specially told her about the size and the color but he couldn't find one that for sure I am okey with it.  I suggested to him that we will search online for address plaques and numbers and there it was we find it. There are plenty of choices actually. Some people think that it is expensive because they are pretty and classy but actually it is not. It depends of course, if what sized or how intricately design you want but it is very affordable though. When we found the right one for us, we knew it is very pretty in our mail box now I am excited to put it right away and of course very glad to have a new address sign.


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