Strawberry pot

This year we didn't plant strawberries in our garden but I plant it in  a strawberry pot. Hubby was laughing at me when he sees me planting the strawberry in the pot. He said how come I didn't put it in the garden when there is a huge space to put the strawberry. I answered him I like change hehe. Anyhow, since it's my wish to see change so here it is now. This was taken last week and mind you the strawberry grew big and it has plenty of fruits. It's kind of nice to have our own fruit planted because nothing like insecticide is sprayed on it. This is pure organic.
My friend sees this and she live in an apartment so I told her to get this kind of pot and she can plant anything she like most specially herbs. For me who loves plants this one is something that makes me grin ^_^


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