Rosemary herb

That's the top of my head and if you notice there's a green leaf sticking out from my hair, well that is Rosemary herb. Why I did that? Because the other day I was blog hopping and I stumble to this blog talking about Rosemary. Since my rosemary is growing well I read and I found out that rosemary is not just an herb it's also a natural healer.

Rosemary a natural healer.

Here is what I found out. Rosemary is an herb that has silver-green needle like leaves with pale blue or lilac flowers. Rosemary is sought after for it purifying and stimulant characteristics. It can be found worldwide but most of rosemary’s essential oils are produced in Morocco, France and Spain. Rosemary essential is extracted by steam distillation from the flowers and leaves. It has a strong, clean mint aroma. It is used for its antidepressant, antiseptic, digestive, stimulant and tonic properties. Rosemary essential oil is often blended with Atlas cedarwood, geranium, ginger, lemon balm, myrtle and sweet basil.
Rosemary has been used for centuries in many different cultures. The Egyptian culture used it as a ritual cleansing incense. Rosemary has been found in the Egyptian first dynasty tombs. The Greeks entwined their hair with rosemary twigs while studying for examinations. The Queen of Hungary used it as a face wash it was mixed with lemon, rose, neroli, lemon balm and peppermint. The French used Rosemary, they burned rosemary when epidemics occurred in their hospitals. The British wore necklaces of Rosemary to help prevent colds and the flu. Their is a legend about rosemary, it is said that the Virgin Mary put her cloak around the bush during her flight into Egypt thus turning the flowers from the original color of white to the present color of blue.

Now this is what I like best.

In today’s aromatherapy it is for emotions, it is used to energize and stimulate the central nervous system. It has an effect of clearing the head, to provide mental stability. It helps in memory retained, and stimulating the memory.

Rosemary essential oil is used to alleviate headaches and migraines, and as a general pain reliever for muscles. It can be used as a hear tonic to help normalize blood pressure. It is also used in vaporizer to clear the head and chest and to get rid of chest infections.

Rosemary is advised not to be used during pregnancy or if a person suffers from epilepsy.

So now I vow to myself to cut little stem everyday to put it on top of my head or above my ear. I  started doing it yesterday and today I did it again. Smells good try it!


EcoRover said…
Interesting post--I love rosemary on game (elk or deer) and fish cooked over wood. My most memorable meal in Spain (Aragon) was roasted lamb with rosemary, washed down with pitchers of red wine of course!
clairz said…
i think I will try it. I have a small rosemary plant and I love its fragrance.

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