Site lock

Happy Monday morning everyone this is another day to begin  the whole week. I  hope everybody has a good and fun weekend. I had fun last weekend because we went to visit my DH son at his farm. We witnessed aerial crop dusting and I pictured a lot of things that farm has to offer. 
Last week, I was busy tinkering here in my laptop when all of a sudden I hear a sound then my laptop crashed. Thanks goodness I didn't panic I turn off my laptop and it came back. My laptop now is my second one already since the first crashed on me last February. Since it's my second laptop I don't want to spend money again for another laptop that is why  I am very particular in looking at website. I see to it that the website that I would go into has a SiteLock certificate posted at the bottom of their website.  I am a customer who always look at the bottom of the website because by doing so I  knew what kind of protection I may get if I go enter in their business site. For me business owners should have SiteLock certificate website posted in their website to ensure that credibility and trust from the customers. Aside from that if a business website has a SiteLock it automatically scan any malware that we are all vulnerable to get. How cool is that!! 


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