Roads and pathways

Country road take me home to the place la la la la!


                                                   I am linking to FRIDAY MY TOWN SHOOT OUT


Kerry said…
Nice ones Kim, thanks! Have a good weekend.
SOL said…
Love that first shot!
LBDDiaries said…
I want to be walking down that road or that walkway! That is such a neat looking town!! Good pictures.
fredamans said…
Beautiful shots, especially the first one!
The colors of your first picture are exquisite, the brown and green. Beautiful photograph.
I love your country road!!! The green trees look so bright and fresh against the dusty road :o)
Thank you for stopping by Nitty Gritty Photography.
Pauline said…
Oh yes, that first photo is terrific! Such strong contrasts!
Jama said…
Love that first photo!
Doreen said…
both great shots. love the brick look in the second one.
psychelyn said…
the first shot's magical. i love it!

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